Feeling the Sew Love

Question: Would you like a bag for your purchase?

Answer: No thanks, I’ve brought my own. A hand-crafted PFP bag!

Refuse plastic and find a better alternative. That’s what Worser Bay students are doing now they have each sewn their own reusable tote bag out of an old pillow case and tie.

Over the last week, the Sew Love mobile (and solar powered) sewing camper “Cecil” was based at Worser Bay and together with a pop-up sewing den at the school, we powered through making nearly 200 tote bags. And the results were SEW amazing. The students loved the experience, the parent helpers loved watching the student’s reactions as their funky and unique bags took shape and the local wildlife will love the fact that there’ll now be less single use plastic on the Miramar Peninsula.

We had Wellington City Council support with visits from Deputy Mayor, Justin Lester and Eastern Ward Councillor, Sarah Free. Justin Lester even took a turn on the machine to make his own. It was a mammoth effort for a worthy cause. Great work Worser Bay School and a huge thanks to all the parents, helpers and supporters involvedl!